“Copy. Paste.”

That’s all it takes for someone to steal your stuff in cyberspace.

Scary, right? You put your hard work, creativity, and originality into your brand name, logo and content, and someone just swipes it. Not cool. But these things happen.

With this FREE Protect Your Brand in Cyberspace Masterclass you'll create your customized brand protection system in less than a week and you'll be one step closer to safeguarding your creativity from copycats, stalkers and thieves.

Hello! I’m Patrice Perkins, attorney and founder of Creative Genius Law®.

I'm a business and intellectual property attorney for creative entrepreneurs, innovators and change agents. As a huge supporter of creative entrepreneurship, indie brands, and a multi-passionate entrepreneur myself, I’ve made it my mission to protect YOUR creativity. You’re just too damn brilliant to have your brand or work ripped off. I know when you're just starting out you may not hire an attorney right away but I'm offering this actionable copyright and trademark class for free so that it's accessible to everyone. I've been recognized by the American Bar Association as a “Legal Rebel” for being an innovator in the legal industry and have facilitated this workshop in person since 2012. I've taught at the Chicago Urban League, Chicago Creative Expo, Lake FX, Chicago Artists Coalition, Alt Design Summit, BlogHer, and Eat Write Retreat, to name a few. I also sit on the board of the Chicago Artists Coalition.

Thanks to Patrice and Creative Genius Law I have a good handle on the process for trademarks and understanding how protecting my IP is an investment for the future. Patrice makes the process easy. This is not my zone of genius, but I knew things were handled and I could count on Patrice to give me the straight goods even when things got sticky. Patrice saved me in a big way in a ill-named course that would have never cleared for a trademark and would have set me up for legal issues in the future. Now I have a name I own and love thanks to her counsel and patience with me. Patrice is a total pro and she really gets you as a creative entrepreneur, which is rare in a lawyer. 

Maggie Patterson
Maggie Patterson Co-Founder, Scoop Industries

In my FREE class, you'll get...

  • A clear understanding of where your intellectual property is actually hiding so your brand and creative work will no longer be vulnerable to copycats. 
  • A play-by-play on how to name your products and services so you can actually protect and own them with federal trademarks.
  • A 5 step system that will help you safeguard your stuff in cyberspace until you're ready to hire an attorney.

You'll finally have a clear understanding of copyrights and trademarks so you'll no longer waste time sorting it out on your own.

PLUS, you’ll get 4 easy-to-use worksheets that make this entire process simple so you'll have your BRAND PROTECTION ACTION PLAN done at the end of this class.

You can expect:

  • A 2 hour recorded Masterclass (If you're serious about your brand you'll make the time. It's not everyday that attorneys with my experience are offering you this type of training for free).
  • Additional email lessons to guide you through key sections of the class
  • 4 worksheets to help you take immediate action

It’s time to stop holding your breath and hoping that no one will steal your brand or content. It’s time to actually protect it.