Business disputes happen because the dirty details weren't in writing.

It's time to actually run your business + stop letting it run you.

This free cheat sheet is for game-changing creative entrepreneurs + innovators.

You're on the verge of major moves but you've passed up huge opportunities and played it small because you don't have legit contracts in place, don't know when you need one, and when you don't.

You hear different things from different people.
You just need clear cut answers so you can stop worrying and second guessing everything.
You've got money to make.

I created this free cheat sheet so you'll know exactly when to slow down, put pen to paper, and get those nitty gritty details. In writing.

Plus, you'll learn:

  • The four biggest areas that must be addressed each and every time you get it in writing.
  • A simple framework for nailing your agreements before you are ready to hire an attorney.
  • The most overlooked situation that you absolutely must get in writing.


You'll take back control of your business and carry on with your business of being a boss.


Patrice is a well rounded attorney who understands the issues related to individuals in the creative field.

- Sergio Gomez (Curator), The Artist Next Level

I’ve hired Patrice on several occasions to negotiate win/win contracts. Her attention to detail, and grasp on the universe of potential issues were invaluable.

- Toni L. Carter, Author + Public Speaker, When Trouble Finds You

I'm Patrice. Business + IP attorney to creative entrepreneurs + innovators.

As an American Bar Association recognized, "Legal Rebel" my mission is to help you leverage your creativity for cash, impact + legacy. I use the law to protect and nurture your creativity rather than stifle it. I've previously spoken at Chicago Creative Expo, Lake FX, Chicago Urban League, Chicago Artists Coalition, Blogging While Brown, Alt Design Summit, Blogher, Eat Write Retreat, and AVVO Lawyernomics to name a few. I've appeared in popular media and blogs including FORTUNE, NBC, Young, Fabulous & Self-Employed and Carol Roth. I'm a Chicago-based business and intellectual property lawyer and founder of Creative Genius Law® with trademark clients nationwide.

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