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…and take the Creative Genius Society admissions quiz. Tired of receiving mixed messages on what you need to do to legally protect your business? Or, are you worried about how to handle legit business until you’re able to hire an attorney?

There is no one size fits all approach to business and intellectual property law. Take this admissions quiz and receive a legal tutorial based on your class level. It will teach you exactly the legal info needed right now based on your results. You’ll also receive other secret society goodies.

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How many years have you been in business? (Hint: "In business" means that you are selling a service or a product. If you have a blog, that's a service too).

Have you formally set up a business entity? (Hint: Examples of business entities are LLCs and Corporations. Sole proprietorships are not included.)

Do you currently hire independent contractors for any aspect of your business or do you plan to do so within the next year? (i.e. graphic design, web development, virtual assistant)

Do you have a business partner or do you plan to partner with someone on a specific project within the next year?

Do you currently have employees or plan to hire employees within the next year?

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